Nolo Contendere

I was recently asked why I do so much to support other people’s projects and businesses without really marketing my own brand management consulting business. The truth is, I really don’t want to pitch myself to the masses and compete with big firms and boutique agencies. I’m really happy providing advice and guidance to the few clients that I truly feel passionate about. I don’t want to compete for contracts when I can make real, personal connections with small business owners and land the job over a cup of tea and some genuine conversation. For me this job is about helping passionate people plan a path to success. When they win, I win!


Taking The Stairs

In business, best fit is often overlooked in favor of best pay. If the paycheck is high enough people tend to compromise their values in order to grab a few extra bucks. That’s not how we work at Roam Free Collective.

Here, the goal is always best fit. It would be difficult for me, as a brand manager, to work with a brand that I do not see constantly striving to do their best. Recently I was contacted by a local restaurant that wanted me to come in, try their food, then market their brand over the course of the summer at a pay rate slightly higher than what I would normally charge for these services. Seems simple enough, right? Well I did some research before replying to the potential client and it turns out this restaurant has had consistently low health scores, a poor management attitude and an unstable pricing model.

Sometimes companies think they can hire a brand manager to make their problems go away and pull in some new business. The reality is that a brand manager can only work as hard as the company is willing to work for themselves. In the case of this restaurant, I couldn’t ask consumers to spend their hard-earned money at an establishment that had consistently faced complaints and not bothered to correct the basic issues.

So I replied to the email with the findings from my research and some business tips (free of charge). I noted that these issues were ultimately what was bringing the brand down and that I would be happy to consult with the owners and management to get things back in order before considering a marketing plan. I mentioned my minor in hospitality management and that even though most of my clients are lifestyle and entertainment brands, my first real brand experience came from the hospitality world. None of this sat well with the owners and I had to leave it alone. They wanted to be carried up the stairs only to declare their own success at the top. But the lesson is that this restaurant was not the best fit for me. The saying goes that you can only help those who are willing to help themselves and since this particular brand was not willing to help themselves I could not waste my time trying to lure in consumers who would ultimately leave disappointed. That would have been a mistake for my brand and degrading work for me, personally.

So what is the best fit for me and for Roam Free Collective? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. I want to work with brands that are willing to help themselves and learn from mistakes. The first step for me when I take on a new client is to review what they’re already doing and find any flaws that could be preventing success. This allows me to create a plan of action that is collaborative. When contracts are signed they go both ways. I agree to make a plan and guide you through it. You agree to work hard for yourself to achieve success. Yes, I can point out the elevator but you’re going to have to get in and push the buttons yourself, or better yet, take the stairs and know you worked for every success!

Does your brand want to take ownership of its success? Let’s make it happen today!

Live Nation Buys Bonnaroo || 4.28.15

Live Nation has purchased a controlling interest in the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival which is holding its fourteenth iteration this year. Co-produced by AC Entertainment and Superfly Presents, Bonnaroo has long been known as on of the independent greats. The first year of the festival sold out in record time without any formal marketing and has been raking in millions since.

According to, “The purchase includes a share of Great Stage Park, the property that hosts the annual Manchester, Tennessee festival. Live Nation says it will invest significantly to enhancements to “the Farm,” while Superfly and AC Entertainment continue to handle the day-to-day operations of the festival.  The co-founders of the event are expected to continue the sustainability efforts and involvement with the Manchester community.”

Live Nation Entertainment Bonnaroo / Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival (PRNewsFoto/Live Nation Entertainment)

After this year’s ticket price hike and the announcement that digital screens would be added to the tent stages of the festival it certainly makes sense that Live Nation has already had a hand in the 2015 festival production. Questions about “selling out”, increased ticket prices and the true investment from Live Nation are flooding social media as this story circles about. At this time financial details have not been released but we’re guessing that the changes have been in the works for much longer than fans realize.

For more about Bonnaroo see our previous posts here and here.

Narrowing The Focus

I am officially announcing the re-branding and re-launch of Roam Free Collective. No longer an entertainment and lifestyle website but an entertainment and lifestyle brand management company. Small change, big difference.

So what am I really up to? Well, I’m narrowing my focus. Most of you are familiar with the (mostly music related) blog and some of you know me from my other businesses but I kind of feel like I’m flailing around trying to do everything at once and that’s not working for me or serving any of my businesses well so I’ve come up with this solution.

Roam Free Collective is now a brand management company that handles all of my business projects and also will do consulting work with other unique businesses. Got a new band? I’ll help you manage your social media and get your press kit ready. Got a lifestyle brand you’re trying to launch? Cool! I’ll make sure all the right people are ready to pay for your product or services!

Did I mention I will also be coaching? Oh yes, that business degree that put me into so much debt will finally be used for good! I’m helping small businesses get organized and on track for success. It’s going to be awesome!

It may sort of seem like I’m taking on more “stuff” now than ever before but the truth is I’m taking all that scattered energy and focusing it on one thing that I know I can do well. So thank you for checking out the NEW & IMPROVED Roam Free Collective and I hope you’ll stick around to see what we can do.


Music Monday || 3.30.15

This week’s #MusicMonday band is Wild Adriatic, a rock & soul trio from Albany, New York. We chose them for this week because they’re really awesome musicians but also because they have made it to the second round of the SonicBids Battle of the Brackets for a chance to play at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival this June and we’re hoping they win! If you would like to vote for Wild Adriatic click HERE and register.


Music Monday ||3.23.15

You may have noticed that we were on a little hiatus over here at Roam Free Collective. Well, all the kinks are sorted out and we’re back on track with new music, new content and best of all, FREE STUFF (more on that in a later post)!

So without further adieu, here is this week’s #MusicMonday artist: Dynasty. A hip-hop and soul soloist from Queens, Dynasty is on our radar as one of the SonicBids round one artists up for one of two spots to play at Bonnaroo! Check her out and go vote!